Beefweb Remote Control

By: hyperblast

Provides web interface and REST-like API for controlling player remotely.

- Lightweight web user interface
- Playback control
- Playlist management
- Music directory browser
- Real-time UI updates
- Mobile-friendly responsive design
- REST-like API for controlling player from your application

Changes in v0.4:
- Added optional playback information panel
- Added basic support for playlist column customization
- Renamed "Audio menu" to "Playback mode"
- Fixed icons occasionally not being rendered on Chrome-based browsers
- Fixed non-latin music directories support
- Fixed "Add URL" not working
- Total playlist time status line is removed
- Volume slider now uses linear scale instead of dB
- Fixed browsing directories with ! in path

Known issues:
- Specifying root directory as music directory does not work

Use releases section on github if you want to install previous version.

Current version

0.4, released on 2020-02-02

Works with foobar2000 v1.3 and newer


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