Monkey's Audio Decoder

By: Peter

Provides decoding support for Monkey's Audio files (.APE) as well as APE Link files (.APL).
Version 2.2 highlights:
* Updated to MACLib 4.48.
* Enabled SSE optimizations for improved decoding performance.
* Fixed a lockup with new Decoding Speed Test warm-up feature.
* Fixed various crashes on corrupted files.
Version 2.2.1 highlights:
* Updated to MACLib 4.50.
* Fixed seeking within files larger than 2GB.
Version 2.2.2 highlights:
* Updated to MACLib 4.60.
Version 2.2.3 highlights:
* Fixed 2.2.2 regression causing incorrect output.

Current version

2.2.3, released on 2019-03-21

Works with foobar2000 v1.3 and newer



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