SQLite Viewer

By: fbuser

foo_sqlite is a foobar2000 component for viewing the contents of the media library and the playlists by using SQL queries.

Latest changes:
- fixed: the strpos function caused an endless loop, if the search pattern was longer than the searched string
- added: the modules csv, eval, fileio, series and totype from the sqlite source tree as autoloaded modules
- added: the module md5 as autoloaded module
- added: the module unicode as autoloaded module
- added: the module uuid as autoloaded module
- added: the modules damerau_levenshtein, levenshtein and metaphone as autoloaded modules
- added: the custom functions regexp (which also implements the REGEXP operator of SQLite), regexp_replace, regexp_replace_first and regexp_search
- added: the custom function strsortgroup
- other: upgrade to SQLite 3.20.0

- fixed: Using the round() function didn't work properly anymore
- fixed: crash, if a column in a filter condition had a null value
- other: upgrade to SQLite 3.19.1

- fixed: a query on the MediaLibrary or Playlist virtual table, using colum entries containing double quotes in the where clause returned a wrong result
- fixed: creating a new playlist with INSERT INTO for an updatable virtual table, didn't work after the playlist with the relevant name was deleted
- fixed: links in the documentation where not relative
- changed: use "SQLite Viewer playlist" instead of "SQL Tree playlist" as the default for inserting entries into a playlist
- other: upgrade to SQLite 3.15.2

- fixed: open the SQLite console from external didn't set the relevant SQL in the SQLite console, if the SQLite console was newly opened
- fixed: subsequent calls of an SQL update statement caused a partial rerun of previous update statements

- initial version, SQL functionality extracted from SQL Tree
- fixed: two or more update statements on the virtual tables in a batch were executed in parallel instead of one after another in autocommit mode (outside transaction)
- fixed: tracknumber was missing as default column for the virtual tables
-added: STRG-A selects the whole content in the SQLite console
- changed: Don't show an error anymore in the SQLite console, if the error code is "not an error"
- other: upgrade to SQLite 3.13.0

Current version

1.1.0, released on 2017-08-09

Works with foobar2000 v1.3 and newer



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