Classic User Interface

By: Peter

The Default User Interface from early foobar2000 versions is back!

Changes since the original version:
* Modified to run side by side with the current Default UI. Please do not remove the Default UI DLL.
* Fixed the infamous seekbar repaint bug on Windows themes other than "classic".
* Replaced popup volume slider with the latest Default UI code.
* Restored original "Preferences: Title Formatting" page from old foobar2000 versions
* Various cosmetic changes.
* Version 1.1: now behaves sanely at 200% text size
* Version 1.2: worked around drag&drop bugs in Windows 10 with mixed-DPI modes

This component serves no particular useful purpose; it is provided for the nostalgia value only. It is missing various functionality considered to be essential in current foobar2000 series, such as persistently visible volume control. There are no plans to add any new functionality into the Classic User Interface.

Warning: product may contain Finnish profanity.

Current version

1.2, released on 2019-04-26

Works with foobar2000 v1.4 and newer



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