Tagger Panel

By: fbuser

foo_uie_tagger_mod is a foobar2000 component for quick tagging defined metadata fields. It can be used as a panel for ColumnsUI or a free floating window.

ColumnsUI or higher

Latest changes:
- fixed: crash in certain situations while scanning the library

- fixed: crash, when an outdated version of ColumnsUI was used

This update requires ColumnsUI to be installed before starting foobar2000. Otherwise you might loose some configurations

- fixed: some minor fixes
- other: compiled with SDK 2011-03-11

- added: possibility to synchronize the tag list with the media library
- added: sort expression for the playlist adding feature
- added: the settings for the standalone windows can now be made persistent. They are accessible via the playlist context menu.
- added: option to set colors and fonts to global CUI values
- added: possibility to set the tags based on the most common value in the library for a defined titleformat expression
- added: advanced option for configuring, when the warning dialog for the number of to be updated items should appear
- added: advanced option for enabling the console output
- removed: the ratings section
- removed: the status field
- removed: option for "Refresh on metadata change"
- changed: moved the apply and revert actions from buttons to the context menu
- changed: the help file is now expected to be in the same folder as the component
- changed: several smaller changes for the layout and the behaviour
- fixed: several smaller fixes
- other: compiled with SDK-2010-10-02

Current version

1.2.10, released on 2012-09-09

Works with foobar2000 v1.1 and newer



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